Patrick Bismuth

Patrick Bismuth's art of the violin is a reflection of the diversity of influences that contribute to his personal style. Improvisation, folk traditions, and gypsy music are as much a part of his artistry as the Western classical canon, including Baroque violin performance practice.

This rich tapestry of interests gives his playing of classical, romantic and contemporary repertoire an unusual, arresting flair. Critics the world over laud his intensity, virtuosity and gripping stage presence; he transforms each concert into a musical voyage of cathartic expression.

Patrick Bismuth taught Baroque Violin at the Paris Conservatory from 1993 to 1998, and his teaching remains greatly in demand. He currently mentors students at the Conservatories of Paris and Versailles. In addition, he conducts his ensemble La Tempesta and performs chamber music with organist Louis Thiry and the singers James Bowman and Gerard Lesne.

Bismuth is a co-founder of the Atlantis Quartet, a period instrument string quartet. In addition, he has composed for the violin and various other ensembles; his large scale works include Unnuami (2001) for violin and his current work in progress, Takannaaluk, a vocal work set to the stage based on an Inuit language libretto.

Disques de Patrick Bismuth

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    François Lazarevitch , Patrick Bismuth, Emmanuelle Guigues, Bruno Procopio
    Jean-Philippe Rameau

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    Louis Thiry, Patrick Bismuth
    Francisco Correa de Arauxo

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